How does NetOverNet work?

Although modern mobile phones are essentially pocket-size personal computers, it is often necessary to use a desktop computer with all of its files, applications and desktop items. And when you are far away from your office or home, it gets tricky. Most Internet providers offer a dynamic IP address that changes when a new connection is established. Which means that when you are away from home, you will not be able to connect to your home computer without knowing its real IP address. Some providers offer a internal (private) IP address that exists only in the provider’s network and is not visible from the Internet. That is why computers accessing the Internet via such a provider are also inaccessible from the outside.

NetOverNet solves this problem.
With NetOverNet, you can create a virtual private network where all IP addresses are universally accessible and permanent. After connecting to the NetOverNet server, you will get the following:

● An IP address that you use to access the Internet – you don’t need to know it. Just like before.

● An IP address in your own virtual network accessible to other devices within it. This IP address is defined in the private area. It is this address that is used as the destination address in remote desktop sharing applications and other programs.

Advantages of NetOverNet:

● Remote access allows you to work with your applications. You get “here and now” access to your programs and data, no matter where you are.

● Configuration of a NetOverNet connection takes less than a minute. Alternatively, you can download and install a client application that will take care of the settings.

● Connection to a remote desktop is performed quickly using any convenient protocol (RDP, VNC and others)

● You can connect from any computer running Windows or Mac OS, mobile devices based on Android and iOS, and even hardware routers

● All the data sent through a virtual network are encrypted and reliably protected

● You can also use printers connected to remote computers

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