Direct access to a remote computer right in your pocket

You’ll need the following to get access to a remote desktop from a mobile phone or tablet:

● Remote desktop access must be enabled on the controlled computer. Use the integrated Windows RDP tool or install the free TightVNC software. Both options will be suggested during the installation of the NetOverNet client.

● A remote desktop client must be installed on your phone or tablet. For Android devices, use PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC or something similar.
Other phone and tablet applications are available in GooglePlay and AppStore: look for them by searching for “Remote Desktop”.

● The computer and mobile device must be connected to NetOverNet.

You can now connect your phone or tablet to NetOverNet. Any iOS or Android device can do it right “out of the box”. To do that, just enter the address of the NetOverNet server, your login and password in the VPN connection settings.

Here is an example of creating a connection to NetOverNet on Android:

1. Go to System settings and select “More”…

2. Select “VPN”

3. Click the “+” (Add) button and set the following connection parameters:

1) Name – NetOverNet

2) Type – PPTP

3) Server address –

4) Uncheck the “PPP encryption (MPPE)” option

5) If you want Internet sites being accessible while connected to NetOverNet, then check "Show advanced options" and specify Forwarding routes to your virtual network in similar format.

6) Click the “Save” button

4. Click on the created connection

5. Enter the login and password of one of the accounts from your private area:

6. Done! All members of the local network will be accessible by IP addresses defined in your private area.

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