Remote desktop access in one minute

Remote desktop access allows you to work with a computer’s keyboard, mouse and monitor from anywhere in the world, given that you have Internet access. Work with your own programs and data while being away from home or office. For desktop access to work, your current system and the controlled computer must be connected to the same NetOverNet virtual network. Once they are, use any product providing remote desktop access services: during installation, NetOverNet will suggest installing Tight VNC or enabling access to Windows® Remote Desktop Services.

Tight VNC is a free tool that supports one connection to a remote desktop. It is a server and a client at the same time. Another advantage is that it’s cross-platform and compatible with other VNC clients and servers.

Windows® Remote Desktop Services (RDP) do not require installation at all, since are already part of the most popular operating systems. RDP include a server and a client part, just like Tight VNC. Depending on the Windows version used, one or several shared desktops can be connected. An encrypted connection guarantees the safety of your data. Connect from a computer or any Android and iOS devices.

After installing TightVNC or enabling Windows® Remote Desktop Services, you can connect to a remote computer’s desktop. To do that, double-click on the necessary computer in the client app of NetOverNet. If you have not installed the NetOverNet client application, you can connect using a VNC or RDP client. Just enter the virtual IP address of the remote computer you are connecting to in TightVNC Viewer or Remote Desktop Connection (Start->All Programs->Standard).

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