How to connect to a remote desktop from an Android device?
First, configure a connection to the NetOverNet server using the login/password of one of the accounts from the private area. Once done, use any Android application providing access to a remote desktop via RDP or VNC.
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What is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)?
RDP is a remote desktop access protocol built into the Windows operating system. Depending on the Windows version used, it supports one or several concurrent remote desktop connections.
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What is VNC?
RVNC is a remote desktop access protocol implemented in virtually every operating system. The NetOverNet client comes with a free VNC client and server – TightVNC.
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How to share files?
RRight-click on the necessary folder and select “Shared access and security”, then switch to the “Access” tab and allow shared access to the folder. It will then become available in the virtual network at \\Virtual_IP\folder_name. Please remember: only authorized users are allowed to access network resources.
Are NetOverNet connections secure?
Yes. Connections to NetOverNet use MPPE encryption, thus reliably protecting all the data. Remote desktop connections over RDP also support additional encryption. For full confidence, we recommend storing your data in an encrypted format using the PGP algorithm.
I cannot connect to NetOverNet: error 800
Most likely, the TCP 1723 port is blocked by the firewall. Try disabling or reconfiguring the Windows firewall.
I cannot connect to NetOverNet: error 619
The GRE protocol may be blocked by the firewall. If disabling the Windows firewall doesn’t help, try contacting your provider’s technical support service. Some providers do not allow this type of traffic.
I cannot connect to NetOverNet: error 691
Check your password and login specified in the NetOverNet connection properties if you configured it manually. If you changed the connection login/password, do the same in the client settings or reinstall the NetOverNet application. If there have been more than 6 connection attempts in 4 minutes, the server will show the same error. Please switch the client to the offline mode and wait for 5 minutes.
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