Get free access to your computers & apps from anywhere

Connect your devices to the NetOverNet virtual private network to make them accessible from any global location. Gain access to files, applications and desktop of your home or office computer while being away. Connect from computers and mobile devices.

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Your computer is inaccessible from Internet

Users’ devices rarely have a permanent “public” IP address, and cannot always interact directly. It is usual to access Internet via routers and NAT, so your home devices are ureachable from other locations.

NetOverNet helps devices to find each other

In order for devices to “see” each other, a intermediate server (VPN server) is used. After connecting to it, users’ devices can exchange traffic. NetOverNet creates your personal VPN server.

Connect your devices to NetOverNet

Connection to a intermediate server (VPN server) can be configured manually or by installing a client application. Each of the devices has its own login/password for connection and is accessible in your virtual network by an IP address defined in the private area.

Gain access to your devices securely

Connect to the NetOverNet server from computers running Windows or Linux, phones and tablets with Android or iOS installed, and even routers (supporting the PPTP or IPSec protocols). The entire traffic in your network is encrypted and hidden from prying eyes.

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